Piotr Kawecki

Piotr Kawecki

Managing Partner

ITBoom founder and major shareholder.

Piotr ensures that the quality of the provided solutions was the highest. Longstanding relationships with key customers confirm the validity of that approach.

The team has the greatest value for him and is a source of his pride. Therefore he makes sure that ITBoom is a place where ambitious and challenge-seeking people achieve their professional success and contribute to the company’s development in the atmosphere of mutual respect and friendly support.

Grzegorz Przebieracz

Grzegorz Przebieracz

Chief IT Solutions Architect
Development Team Director

The main IT solutions architect.

During many years of experience in key projects for international corporations, Grzegorz has developed the optimal and efficient ways to design and implement IT solutions.

In ITBoom, he supervises a team of programmers. His tasks include supporting junior specialists and helping them raise their competences through the use of the latest technologies in carried out projects.